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Monday, January 31, 2005

it will soon be february

i love february... there is no month like february. for those of you who are not very familiar with greek calendar system, it come after january and comes before march. february is a great month because this is the time of the year when i like to think about doing something different... like something exciting that i didn't get to do last year.... like running a marathon. i figure if i want to run a marathon this year, this would be a good time to start thinking about it and think about how i can prepare myself for it.

so i went on the internet to find out a little about marathons... like how far i would have to go to run a marathon. i like nyc marathon. i figure, i can go run a marathon, go have a beer, catch a broadway show, stop by an art museum. man, that would be great... i was all excited about it, that is until i found out how far i would have to run... are they kidding me? ...i mean, sure fifty yards i can see myself running, but come on... twenty some miles? i mean that is just ungodly. why would anyone want to run, and i mean run as in like less than twenty minute a mile pace, and i am not talking about running to your bathroom, but actually running and sweating. sure the gas price is a bit high, but a person should not run that far. why would anyone ever need to run that far? that just can not be healthy. that is why we invented cars and motorcycles and trains and planes so that we wouldn't have to run twenty miles...

anyway, thinking about all that running made me hungry. by the way, this friend of mine baked me a cake for my birthday, and this is like the best chocolate cake ever. anyway, i have eaten most of it all by myself. i am such a pig. i guess i should finish it off. well, maybe marathon isn't a great idea after all... maybe i can do something like iditarod. that way, i can just stand on a sled and let the dogs do all the work. who am i kidding, i hate cold weather... i am just gonna eat some cake and go to bed.. i love february...


Blogger Jessica said...

In February it will be
my snowman's anniversary
with cake for him and soup for me!
sip it once
sip it twice
sippin' chicken soup with rice.

Not only is February good for thinking about running marathons and then deciding to eat entire chocolate cakes, it is also my birthday month! Hip hip hooray!

January 31, 2005 at 10:58 PM  
Blogger wobbeegone said...

Jessica, you sound like a person secure with their birthday and willing to take on a lot of birthday wishes so I wish for you the happiest birthday yet.

I have nothing to say to you Larry.
Since you are decidedly having trouble with telling people no I think it would be in your best interest to go to my jewelry site and make a purchase for someone of the female pursuasion. It is February after all and some women like to run marathons with jewelry on.
And now I have nothing to say to you.
Except this.
I don't know when we'll be going to New Orleans but it wont be in February.
I'll be running a marathon.

February 1, 2005 at 10:44 PM  
Blogger melonface said...

I too, have toyed with the idea of running a marathon. It seemed like such a good idea: instead of going to university in the fall, I was going to fundraise $5000, then in December I was going to go to Barbados to run in a marathon. Cool plan, I congratulated myself on such a witty idea.

However, not so many others were so keen on my idea (especially not my parents, when they learned of my idea to postpone university to go to barbados on a Lark).

Anyways, moral of the story: well okay, there are several morals.
1) Don't listen to others. Especially when they spent most of their time curled up in front of the TV. Sure, I'll admit, Tv is pretty wise. But others? Not so much...
2) Life is long. Life can also be short. Do things you want to do when you think of them. Delayed gratification? Phooey.
3) CAke is pretty good. In fact, I could go for some right now... Mmmmm... cake....
4)Why am I making points again? I forget...

Anyways, Larry, Yes I am back, and badder than ever. Actually, no, I am rebelling against my schoolwork, so I will soon disappear again, for the evil month of February. Good luck with everything, see you when I resurface.

February 1, 2005 at 11:15 PM  
Blogger Catharina said...

i had this whole comment written and then my computer turned. itself. off.
so here is the short version:

cake => i, too, got a great chocolate cake for my birthday = breakfast lunch and dinner last sunday = feeling a but queasy (sp?)

february => semester break = no classes = good month = yay!

February 4, 2005 at 7:25 AM  

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