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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

verbose explosion

okay, so last night i was reading my dictionary... you are probably saying to yourself why in the world would you be reading a dictionary. well, i guess it's a comfort thing, like a warm blanket or a soft pillow. i realize that i already know the ending and it's a predictable pattern, but i find that comforting. besides, i don't always start from the beginning. i started from k's last night. i think k's get ignored too much. what do i mean by that? well... words like knit and knob. i mean k is obviously there, but it doesn't even get pronounced. it pretty much gets ignored. yet, they stick a k in the front and put it in the k section of my dictionary. now, that is just not right. it would be like if someone put a green hat on my head and called me irish. actually, i guess i wouldn't mind being irish except i get the feeling they would make me a leprechaun.

i just don't understand why there needs to be so many words. what is the point of having words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. i am positive there were serious drinking involved, maybe smoking of some weeds, maybe a hooker or two. anyway, my point is that it is just silly to have so many words. you have a traffic-congestion, sinus-congestion, but you never have a bowel-congestion, instead you have a constipation. why the heck does that deserve it's own word? i guess it shows human obssession with bowel. anyway, we have enough words already. stop making up new words! well, except snoop cuz you know he is not really making up new words, he is just shizzling it.