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Sunday, April 03, 2005

my blue crayfish

my blue crayfish
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this is my blue crayfish sabastine. i know it looks like he lives in a small tank, but he lives in my 55 gallon aquarium with ten small fish, size of the orange guy up there, and one algae eater (right behind him in the picture). couple of month ago when sabastine molted, he lost his right claw. since then he molted again and his right claw did not come back, so i have been worried that he has lost his right claw forever. well, this time he molted and his right claw grew back. i am so happy!

excuse me...

so, i was down at nancy's office last friday, and she goes... larry, i want to show you something... needless to say, i was a bit excited to hear her say that, but it turns out that she wanted me to look at a wedding dress that she was looking at on line. i looked at her for a minute and asked... i think you must have me mistaken for a gay guy that cares...

sure, i like broadway shows. yes, i wear trendy clothes. okay, so i am skinny and tend to vaccum a lot. but, does that make me gay? maybe it does... i guess other than the fact that i am attracted to women, i am pretty much gay... oh well...

do you think it would be rather strange for me to say "i love you" instead of "goodbye"?

i have already tried this on jesse, and her reply was... you liar.

i tried it on rachel and her reply was... i love you too. which really surprised me, but it was really nice. it gave me a warm fuzzy even though i know she doesn't care about me at all. from now on, instead of saying "good bye", i am just going to give everyone a big hug and tell them "i love you"