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Friday, March 25, 2005

i've made up my mind...

okay, i have made up my mind... i am keeping my baby. so, papa don't preach...

seriously though, i have made up my mind. i am going to have a bunny rabbit for my easter dinner, so i can tell all my christian buddies that i ate easter bunny.

by the way, why is it good friday if they killed you-know-who on this day?

someone tried to explain it to me, and started to talk about propitiation. so i told her, listen, i have tried that before and it did not grow my hair back. so, don't even try to explain.

should it be good sunday because he was resurrected? why bother being resurrected if you are not gonna be seen anyways? i say, if you are gonna disappear anyways, just stay down...

by the way, i hate easter bunny. i hope he dies!

my easter dinner recipe

Hasenpfeffer (German Rabbit Stew) Recipe

4 lb Rabbit
1 1/2 c Dry red wine
3/4 c Cider vinegar
2 ts Salt; optional
1/2 ts Freshly ground black pepper
1 Bay leaf
1/2 c Onions; chopped
1 tb Mixed pickling spice
1/2 c Flour
4 tb Butter
1 c Onions; thinly sliced
2 tb Sugar
1/2 c Sour cream


Cut rabbit in serving-sized pieces. Wash, scrape, and soak in salted cold water for 1 hour. Drain and dry.
In a glass or pottery bowl mix together the wine, vinegar, salt, pepper, bay leaf, chopped onions, and pickling spice. Add the rabbit and let marinate in the refirgerator for 3 days. Turn the pieces occasinally. Drain the rabbit; strain and reserve the marinade. Dry the rabbit with paper towels and roll in flour.

Melt butter in a Dutch oven or deep heavy skillet; brown the rabbit and sliced onions in it. Pour off fat and add sugar and 1-1/2 cups marinade. Cover and cook over low heat 1-1/2 hours or until rabbit is tender. Turn the pieces occasionally and add more marinade if needed. Taste for seasoning. Mix the sour cream into the gravy just before serving.

yummy yum yum...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

self portrait

self portrait
Originally uploaded by larrykim.

this is suppose to be me... my performance at a local cafe in january.. my melancholy mood captured perfectly... in dark colors...

as if fish caught out of water, gasping for last breath, fighting, as if somehow in that struggle, millennium of evolution can be undone, that existence in this foreign reality... can somehow become possible...

i am who i am... and always have been... no matter how much my heart desires otherwise...

my heart slowly succumb to the tightening grip, and i stop fighting... in that instance, the sight never seen, the sound never heard, the feeling never felt, the sense never perceived, commune to one true moment of living...

then no more...

this is my song, and my song is titled... dreamcatcher...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

the curse of being a hottie

you know, it is really tough being a good looking guy. all these girls keep refusing to go out with me just because they are so afraid that i would break their hearts. i mean it is so obvious what's going on. why else would they refuse to go out with me?

they are also sooooo afraid to look like a slut in front of their friends, they would rather avoid me than to confront their real attractions. it's a real curse, i tell you. i live in hell for my good looks.

also, it doesn't help the fact that i have such a great charming personality. girls do not have a chance, and they know that. so, they just ignore me. what can i say... it's tough being such a hottie...

for others like me who are dealing with this curse, please read my new book "living in a fantasy". it should help you deal with these issues...

i am too sexy for my book...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

blog comments

do you ever leave a comment on someone's blog and think... man, that really was a smart and funny comment. i want to read it again. so you go back again and again to read your own comment... does that ever happen to you? ... no? .... umm... me neither...

anyway, i have noticed that i really enjoy leaving comments on other people's blogs. of course, that sometimes means i don't have any blog entry of my own because i have been busy leaving comment on other's blogs. and that sometimes make me feel bad because what if people come to see my blog, but i have no blog because i am too busy checking out other's blogs. so, what's my point? well, my point is that, i sometimes think that my blog would be more interesting if i just copied other people's blog entries.... along with my comments, of course... what do you all think about that? good idea? or a bad idea?

your opinions are very important to me, so please leave me a comment about this... also, if you are a healthy single female with child bearing hips and strong teeth, please leave your name and number...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

beeedness man

i am an entrepreneur, no doubt about it. so, when the guy that used to run the office coffee fund left for another job. i took over. he left me with $140 and a dirty coffee maker. my plan was to turn this business completely around. it was no longer going to be office coffee fund, but rather, crazy larry's coffee vending services. needless to say, there were some objections and no one liked my hostile takeover strategy. but, i knew it was for the best.

well, it's been two months since i took it over, and they are loving my service.

only thing is ... i am losing money... to keep the customers happy i brought the coffee price down from $2 a week to $1 a week. i have also purchases a bottled water dispenser with heat and cool so that we can get hot or cold water at any time. i also purchased a new coffee machine, thermos, and a rack to put our supplies in. i think i may have gone overboard.

one thing about this business is that i end up with lots of one dollar bills. i went out to eat and i had a pocket full of dollar bills, so i figured, hey, why don't i go ahead and use all these dollar bills and get rid of them. anyway, so i ended up leaving forty one dollar bills on the table. it ended up being a pretty sizable stack of money. man, i felt like a drug dealer or something... anyway, so the waitress looks at me and goes "what happened? did you get kicked out of a strip joint?" .... doh