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Friday, January 05, 2007

god delusion

is there a god?

if god answers your prayers, how come all lottery winners are not christians?

if god is omniscient, what is point of praying? god already knows all things present and future, and because he already knows everything (what is going to happen), there is no way you can change his mind whether you pray or not... if he was going to change his mind, he would have known it already and it is not really changing his mind because he already knew he would...

why do so many innocent people die for no good reason? and if god is willing to let it happen, do i want to love a god who doesn't love me back enough to protect me from these bad things?

some say all those bad things may have good consequences that i don't know about. of course, you can always look at the sunny side of life, and you don't need god for that.

i went to a midnight mass christmas eve and had breakfast with monks. i have a deep respect for the clergy, however, that does not mean i have faith in anything... i am driven by two things... logic and love. logic, because i don't want to believe in things that are false... love, because without it, i don't see a point of human life...

i don't believe i can be a better person because of belief in god. i want to be a better person because i love others and i want others to love me...